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HINTS 4 Overview and Schedule

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HINTS 4 Overview and Schedule

To address emerging issues in the field of health communication more quickly while still maintaining the ongoing measurement of trends, HINTS 4 will include five data collection cycles over the course of 3 years. The instrument for each data collection cycle will include a core module of common items for trending in addition to special topic modules to be implemented only in some of the cycles, increasing capacity of the HINTS instruments to include a broader array of topics and measures. The combined sample size for all five cycles of HINTS 4 will be greater than 17,000 respondents, more than twice the size of previous rounds of HINTS data collections.

Cycle 1: Data Collection October 2011 - January 2012. Cycle 2: Data Collection October - January 2013. Cycle 3: Data Collection (tenative) September-November 2013. Cycle 4: Data Collection (tenative) July – September 2014. FDA Cycle: Data Collection (tenative) October 2014 - December 2014.