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Have you ever heard of a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy?

[CC-15A]  Have you ever heard of a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy?

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Estimated U.S. Adult Population information
Survey Respondents information
  Response Number Percentage Sample
1 Yes 155,270,358 75.3% 4,997 79.8%
2 No 50,473,776 24.5% 1,254 20.0%
98 Refused 5,287 0.0% 1 0.0%
99 Don't know 418,958 0.2% 13 0.2%
- 100% 6,265 100%
Survey Notes:
HINTS 2003 Survey Instrument (English): PDF  
Who was asked:
People who have not had colon cancer  
Data collection method:
Question source:
revised from: NHIS 
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