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In general, I feel uncomfortable with health information that has a lot of numbers and statistics. CS03
In general, how easy or hard do you find it to understand medical statistics? CS02
When people tell you the chance of something happening do you prefer they use words or numbers? CS05
In general, I depend on numbers and statistics to help me make decisions about my health. CS04
Which of the following numbers represents the biggest risk of getting a disease? K03
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Published Articles Using HINTS Data

Chen Y, Feeley TH. 2014Numeracy, information seeking, and self-efficacy in managing health: an analysis using the 2007 Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS).Health Commun. 2014  29(9):843-53. doi: 10.1080/10410236.2013.807904. Epub 2013 Nov 22.

Nelson, W. L., Moser, R. P., & Han, P. K. J.  2013 Exploring objective and subjective numeracy at a population level: Findings from the 2007 health information national trends survey (HINTS).Journal of Health Communication   18(2), 192-205.

Langford A.T., Resnicow K., Roberts J.S., Zikmund-Fisher B.J.  2012Racial and ethnic differences in direct-to-consumer genetic tests awareness in HINTS 2007: Sociodemographic and numeracy correlatesJournal of Genetic Counseling   21(3), pp. 440-447

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