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H5Cyc2 = HINTS 5 Cycle 2 (2018)

H5Cyc3 = HINTS 5 Cycle 3 (2019)

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Skin Cancer
Compared to the average person your age, would you say that you are more likely to get skin cancer, less likely, or about as likely?
What are some things that people can do to reduce their chances of getting skin cancer?
... There's not much you can do to lower your chances of getting skin cancer.
... There are ways to slow down or disrupt the development of skin cancer.
... Skin cancer is most often caused by a person's behavior or lifestyle.
... You are reluctant to get checked for skin cancer because you fear you may have it.
How likely do you think it is that you will develop skin cancer in the future?
... People with skin cancer would have pain or other symptoms prior to being diagnosed.