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HINTS nationally representative data is mostly publicly available for researchers and health professionals to use for their own analyses. However, some HINTS data requires a restricted data request.

Download Data

Quickly access HINTS data, in SAS, SPSS, and STATA formats, and supporting documents

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Survey Instruments

Review survey instruments used to collect HINTS data.

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Methodology Reports

Find out more about the procedures used to collect and analyze HINTS data.

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Summary Findings by Item

View summary data for each HINTS question across all HINTS survey administrations.

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HINTS Data Errors, Remediation, and Recommendations

Access important information about HINTS data errors, remediation procedures, and resultant recommendations

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HINTS Data Merging Code Tool

Use this interactive tool to develop SAS code to merge multiple iterations of HINTS data.

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Request Restricted HINTS Datasets

Request restricted-use HINTS datasets that contain geocodes and suppressed variables or restricted-use-only datasets using the form found on this page.

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PRICSSA Information

Access the HINTS Preferred Reporting Items for Complex Sample Survey Analysis (PRICSSA) checklist.

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