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H1 = HINTS 1 (2003)

H2 = HINTS 2 (2005)

H3 = HINTS 3 (2008)

H4Cyc1 = HINTS 4 Cycle 1 (2011)

H4Cyc2 = HINTS 4 Cycle 2 (2012)

H4Cyc3 = HINTS 4 Cycle 3 (2013)

H4Cyc4 = HINTS 4 Cycle 4 (2014)

FDA = HINTS FDA (2015)

FDACyc2 = HINTS FDA Cycle 2 (2017)

H5Cyc1 = HINTS 5 Cycle 1 (2017)

H5Cyc2 = HINTS 5 Cycle 2 (2018)

H5Cyc3 = HINTS 5 Cycle 3 (2019)

H5Cyc4 = HINTS 5 Cycle 4 (2020)

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Skin Protection
... Looked for information about protecting yourself from the sun?
Do you ever have your skin examined by a health professional for signs of skin cancer?
On warm sunny days, how often do you spend time in the sun in order to get a tan?
During the past 12 months, has a physician or other health care provider talked to you about reducing your exposure to the sun or indoor tanning devices such as sunlamps, sunbeds, or tanning booths to reduce the risk for skin cancer?
After several months of not being in the sun very much, if you went out in the sun for an hour without sunscreen, a hat or protective clothing, which one of these best describes what would happen to your skin?
During the past 12 months, how many times have you had a sunburn (even a small part of your skin turns red or hurts for 12 hours or more) from too much sun exposure?
On the most recent time you were sunburned, what were you doing when you were sunburned?
The most recent time you got sunburned, were you doing any of the following things to protect yourself from the sun?
Were you drinking alcohol at any of the times when you were sunburned?