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HINTS Questions Used in this Published Article

Public Awareness of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: Findings from the 2013 U.S. Health Information National Trends Survey., Agurs-Collins T, Ferrer R, Ottenbacher A, Waters EA, O'Connell ME, Hamilton JG., Journal of Cancer Education, January 2015

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H1 = HINTS 1 (2003)

H2 = HINTS 2 (2005)

H3 = HINTS 3 (2008)

H4Cyc1 = HINTS 4 Cycle 1 (2011)

H4Cyc2 = HINTS 4 Cycle 2 (2012)

H4Cyc3 = HINTS 4 Cycle 3 (2013)

H4Cyc4 = HINTS 4 Cycle 4 (2014)

FDA = HINTS FDA (2015)

FDACyc2 = HINTS FDA Cycle 2 (2017)

H5Cyc1 = HINTS 5 Cycle 1 (2017)

H5Cyc2 = HINTS 5 Cycle 2 (2018)

H5Cyc3 = HINTS 5 Cycle 3 (2019)

H5Cyc4 = HINTS 5 Cycle 4 (2020)

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Cancer Communication
Cancer Perceptions and Knowledge
Would you say you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, strongly disagree with the following statements or do you have no opinion: There are so many recommendations about preventing cancer, it's hard to know which ones to follow.
How much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? When I think of cancer, I automatically think of death.
Genetic Testing
From which of the following sources did you read or hear anything about genetic tests? Mark all that apply.
Health Communication
Have you ever looked for information about health or medical topics from any source?
Health Services
Genetic tests that analyze your DNA, diet, and lifestyle for potential health risks are currently being marketed by companies directly to consumers. Have you heard or read about these genetic tests?
Health Status
Internet Use
Risk Perceptions
Tobacco Use